Situation 33: Julien Lescoeur

by MaxDax


“Julien Lescoeur works with such a unique precision. He keeps on visting the spaces that he is planning to photograph over and over again. In his photographs I always sense the beauty of isolation — in this emptiness, fundamental questions such as the question of life or the question of signification are contained. Juliens photographs are mournful and suggestively violent, and every series seems to reflect his inner balance – like an opened diary.” (Lucia Lux)

Situation 33 is already the third exhibition by Julien Lescoeur that Lucia Lux is curating and will feature five large-sized photographs from his “Aerolithiques” series:

“My descriptive approach combines a pictorial character and a neutral distance, an inspiring silence. Cultivating the aesthetics of presence through the idea of absence, I subtly question the relationship of man to his urban environment.” (Julien Lescoeur)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a private view of the exhibition.